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Jun 25, 2022

Spring Cleaning For Your Roof


With sunny days and warm weather approaching, preparing your home for the warmer months now can save you time and money in the future in roof repair. Sometimes a proper roof coating can help keep your roof safe and in better condition for longer. Add these items to your spring cleaning list, so that your roof may be ready for the seasons to come.


The ravages of winter have come and (hopefully) gone. While we do our best to clear everything out in the fall, more often than not we miss a few spots. Clogs won’t disappear if you just ignore them, take a look at your gutters and give them a good cleaning, and your home and your wallet will thank you.


Shingles are key to protecting the integrity of your home. They should be among the first things you check on your roof. Various problems can occur to your shingles, so be on the lookout for the following signs:

  •   Buckling and Blistering Shingles: Moisture can get trapped inside your shingles and cause havoc to your roof. Buckling shingles often indicate a problem with the underlying framing. These are best to be removed as soon as possible. Blistering shingles have the potential to burst and cause large scale damage.
  •   Curling Shingles: Poor ventilation and installation can cause shingles to warp and curl away from their original place. Fixing these curled edges early can help you avoid further damage.
  •   Stained Shingles: These are a telltale sign of a leak within your roof. It’s best to get your roof checked out to find the root of the leak in order to prevent further drastic damage.
  •   Missing Shingles: A missing shingle is a gap in your roof’s defenses. Replacing these should be quick and easy, and help to extend the lifespan of your roof.


Your roof likely hasn’t seen sunlight in months underneath all the snow. This means that any growing mold would be able to hide underneath the snow undetected. Keep an eye out as catching the problem sooner than later can prevent serious damage to your home and its residents.


As the world comes back to life, trees can wreak havoc upon your home if left unchecked. Trim the branches closest to your home to ensure that they can’t cause future damage to your home. By trimming your trees now, you’ll have less leaves to rake up and clean out of your gutters come fall.


Last but not least is a good cleaning. The winter and melting snow can leave masses of dirt and debris. Removing branches, pine needles and general debris can not only improve the appearance of your roof, it also can tell you where general wear and tear has occurred. Getting a head start on cleaning your roof can also prevent the growth of moss, and prevent mold from growing underneath decaying leaves.