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Jun 25, 2022

Roofing Myths Debunked


Understanding the ins and outs of roofing can be confusing. Whether you’re unfamiliar with roof repair or afraid of the cost of hiring someone to do replace it, KTM is here to guide you through the process. KTM knows uncertainty can hinder individuals from getting the much-needed work their roof requires, so we’re here to clear the air about any and all myths you may have heard!
  1. My Roof will Last Forever FALSE. Wishful thinking! Roofs require replacement at some point even if you have the “best” material on the market. Climate and weather conditions play a pivotal role in the lifespan of your roof. No roof is meant to outlast the house it covers.
2. Installing a New Roof Takes a Long Time           FALSE. A skilled roofing contractor can typically finish an entire roof in a day or two depending on if mother nature behaves or not. At KTM there are no middlemen or subcontractors, so we will let you know exactly how long any roofing project will take. Contact us and schedule your FREE survey today! 3. I Can Save Money by Installing a Roof Myself          FALSE. Roof repair is more than just new shingles. Sometimes the underlayment, sheathing, and joists need replacement too. A skilled roofing contractor knows what to do so that a job well done happens the first time, ensuring you and your family are safe and no additional expenses arise. KTM is partnered with Service Finance, GreenSky, Home Investment Bank, and others to offer to finance for all our projects! 4. It’s More Cost Efficient to Repair than Replace         DEPENDS. Every roof is different. Typically a repair is going to cost less than a total replacement, but circumstances arise that replacing the entire roof for a little more is going to benefit you and your wallet in the long run. If a large portion of your roof needs repair, it’s in your best interest to replace the entire roof. Schedule your free survey with KTM today to discuss if repair or replacement is your best option! 5. I Don’t See Any Leaks, My Roof Doesn’t Need Repair       FALSE. Leaks are a great indicator that your roof needs repair. But don’t be fooled, roofs with extensive damage may not leak at all! Sometimes problems are visible; holes, missing shingles or dark spots. Other times there’s not; mold, rot, or moisture. If you haven’t had your roof looked at in a while, a qualified roof contractor can find any hidden problems. Does your commercial business need new roofing? KTM specializes in rubber roofing for businesses of all sizes. Taking care of your business is just as important as your home. Contact us to learn more!