KTM Exteriors & Recycling LLC, domiciled on LLC 10 Hazel Dr, Hampstead, NH 03841 (hereinafter, “KTM”
and/or “we”) is responsible for the processing of personal data resulting from the use of this website (the

We respect your privacy and are committed to preserving your rights to the legal processing and protection
of your personal data, and to comply with all legal requirements. Our Privacy Policy offers a detailed
explanation regarding any personal data you have afforded us or any data that we may collect about you.

This Privacy Policy provides information regarding the processing of your personal data in full compliance
with all applicable laws and regulations.

This Privacy Policy is updated from time to time; thus it should be reviewed regularly. This Privacy Policy was
modified on January 2022.

1. Information Collected

1 This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of your personal data as a result of visiting this Website.
The data we usually collect is the following, notwithstanding that in some circumstances we may
require additional information.

2 The data may be collected and processed during our Website operations. Such tasks may include the

> Collecting data relating to your visit(s) to our Website and any resource used. Such data includes but
is not limited to: location, ‘weblogs’, traffic data and other communications information.
> Any form that you may complete on our Website that allows us to collect data, as for example,
when registering a user in order to receive information.

2 Processing Purposes

1 We process your personal data, in accordance with applicable laws, for the following purposes: (i)
sending advertising about our products and services as well as general proposals and information
about KTM; (ii) submission of modified offers based on your personal preferences; (iii) to improve
our services and develop new products, (iv) sending newsletters, reports (v) personal data for
[employment] search applications carried out by the company. The collected personal data is stored

2 In all cases in which you provide your personal data, you guarantee that such data is true, accurate
and complete. When we collect your personal data for direct marketing, sales and other similar
activities, KTM will process this according to applicable regulations.

3 The Use and Disclosure of Your Information

1 We will not reveal your personal data to third parties, unless we are bound to by law or at your
consent. When consent is required to disclose your personal data to third parties, we will inform
you, in the data collection forms, as regards the purpose of the processing of the data object of
communication as well as in terms of the identity or activity sectors of the possible assignees of
your personal data.

2 So as to provide you with a suitable service and oversee the relationship we uphold with you as a
client, we may disclose your personal information to our affiliate or subsidiary companies. When we
transfer data, we are committed to ensuring that the importer or data manager applies the same
security measures that we apply regarding the storage and processing of all personal data and that it
complies with all applicable regulations.

3 Your personal data may be processed, stored and transferred to third parties in the manner
indicated herein. You should notify us if there are changes in the information you have given us, as
well as if you have ascertained that the personal data we process is inaccurate.

4 When your personal data is not needed for the purposes for which it was collected, including the
exercise of our contractual and legal rights, we will remove, at your request, all personal data from
our databases and from the databases of our service providers.

5 In compliance with applicable regulations, KTM undertakes to comply with its confidentiality
obligations regarding the personal data that you provide when using our Website. Additionally, any
disclosure of your personal data will be made in accordance with the principles of purpose, nondisclosure and security, as well as pursuant to all the requirements established by the applicable
laws regarding the release of personal data.

4 Storage of Personal Data

1 The information that is made available to us will be stored on our secure servers. Information
regarding transactions is encrypted for your security.

2 We may use establishments outside the US to transfer personal data collected. Such establishments

are used to store or process your information. KTM uses third parties for certain processing tasks,

such as ‘hosting’ or storage. The personal data collected may be transferred to authorized third
parties (controlling entities, affiliates and / or linked to KTM, data centers, commercial partners,
service providers and / or employees) that could be located outside the US, as part of our services
and that are in charge of data processing, i.e.: acting on behalf of KTM. Hence, your personal data
could be transferred to countries with different personal data protection laws or absence thereof. In
such cases and in as far as such third parties have access to your personal data for the performance
of their processing tasks, KTM will take all technical and / or contractual measures to ensure that
your personal data is processed exclusively for the above mentioned purposes and that adequate
levels of protection, consistent with the law applicable thereto, have been implemented in order to
safeguard your personal data. By submitting your data, you have accepted this data transfer and
storage and you have expressly authorized KTM, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the
applicable legislation, to: (i) collect and process your personal data for the purposes detailed above.
And / or (ii) assign and transfer your personal data, collected as indicated above, only to authorized
third parties – in US or abroad – for the indicated purposes.

3 KTM will preserve your personal data according to the security and non-disclosure procedures set
out in the applicable law and corresponding regulations. However, it should be understood that
online data transfers are not completely secure. We cannot guarantee the full protection and
security of your data, we can only guarantee that we will take all reasonable measures to protect
the information that you send us electronically. The transmission of any information on your part is
at your own risk.

5 Accessibility to Information

You can request KTM to access, rectify, delete and / or update your personal data, in accordance with the
procedure established by applicable law. To this effect, you should send an email to
detailing your full name, ID, an account of your request and the facts that support it. Once such
requirements are met, KTM will notify you if your request has been accepted or rejected (i) within a period
of 10 (ten) days from the date of receipt, in the case of a request for access; or (ii) within a period of 5 (five)
business days from the date of receipt, in the case of a request for rectification, updating or removal of your
personal data. You can also contact KTM by postal mail at LLC 10 Hazel Dr, Hampstead, NH 03841or by
telephone at (863) 510-5563.

In all cases, KTM may require additional information in order to process your request.

In order to exercise your rights, you should attach to your request a copy of your ID or equivalent document
proving your identity. The exercise of these rights is free. In all cases, KTM may require additional
information in order to process your request.

6 Conservation Period

We will retain your personal data for the time indicated in the collection form and / or for as long as it is
needed for the purposes for which it was collected.

7 Links to Third Party Websites

Our Website may have links to third-party websites. Such websites have their own privacy policies, which
you accept when you click on these links. We are not accountable nor accept responsibility for such links
and web pages. Our responsibility covers only our Website, and we are not responsible for third-party
websites given that we have no control over them.

8 Business Communications

By visiting our Website and providing us with your personal and contact information, you accept our right to
use such information to send you communications from KTM. You can request the termination of such
notices by sending an email to Furthermore, you can cancel your subscription to
our newsletter and choose not to continue receiving it at any time by clicking on the link located at the
bottom of all emails sent by us.

9 Use of Cookies

1 We hereby inform you that we can use cookies on your computer provided that you have given your
consent, except when cookies are necessary for browsing our Website. Should you give your
consent, we can use cookies that will allow us to obtain more information about your preferences
and customize our Website in accordance with your individual interests.

2 Like other websites, we also use cookies on our site. Cookies are fragments of information that the
Website sends to the Internet browsers. The Internet browser stores such information on your
computer. Cookies allow visitors to browse our Website and (when applicable) enable us to adapt
our Website and its content to the visitor’s needs and improve results based on the user’s actions. If
the ‘cookie’ function is not activated, we cannot ensure the Website’s proper performance and
operation for which it was designed. The cookies we use on our Website do not store data that
identify people. The data collected will not be transferred to third parties except as indicated in this
Privacy Policy.

3 The cookies on our Website are used as follows:

> We use cookies to protect our customers and prevent fraudulent activities;
> We use cookies to identify the way in which users have become aware of our Website and explore
how they use it – it helps us improve the quality of our services;
> We use cookies to administer and monitor the data on our Website;
> We use cookies to determine the success of our advertising campaigns and incentives. They help us
to improve the design of the Website and the scope of our offers and incentives.

4 The user can at any time permit, block or eliminate the cookies installed on the user’s computer by
modifying the configuration parameters of the browser installed on said computer:

> Chrome
> Firefox
> Safari

Cookie deactivation does not prevent Website navigation, although the use of some of its services may
be limited and, therefore, your browsing experience may be less satisfactory.

5 The user may at any time withdraw its consent relative to our Cookies policy, and may delete the
cookies stored on its computer through the settings of the Internet browser mentioned above.

11. Contact Us

Should you have any questions, requests and comments regarding this Privacy Policy please contact us at
the following email address or by telephone (863) 510-5563